Would you like to build a healthier mindset ?

You are in the right place! This is where creativity and curiosity join forces for a new approach – develop a healthy growth mindset for your wellbeing.

Creativity Coaching for a calm, clear and confident you!

What is a Creativity Coach?

As a Creativity Coach it’s my job to support you unconditionally, to empower you to discover your the talent, wisdom and strength of your creative right-brain. I will listen to you, spark your creativity with fun exercises and help you develop your creative muscles so you can solve your own challenges and re-energise your life, whatever your goals and wherever you are at.

A great resource working with anyone on those complex executive skill functions in a fun and creative way. Michelle van Rooyen

Occupational Therapist, The Handwriting Tutor

Self-determination is something Sarah advocates and this definitely left me feeling re-energised.

Rose Snape

Coaching Client

What do I gain by building Creative Skills?


Feel Restored and Destress


Build a Growth Mindset


Healthy Self-care Routines


Connect to your Natural Intuition


Overcome Roadblocks


Resilience to Change


Develop an Experimental Perspective


Executive Function Skills


Decision Making Clarity


Appreciation and Gratitude

Creative Confidence is about more than just art!

Are you feeling overwhelmed and under-inspired? Do you have a creative project you want to do but you are afraid to or need more skills? This is for you! Mindful colouring, doodling challenges and journaling exercises move you towards a calm, clear and confident mindset.

With one-to-one coaching you will build Creative Confidence. You will not only improve your expressive artistic abilities but also improve your growth mindset.  You’ll develop the skills to use creativity as a tool for change whether that is illustrating a new creative project, developing self-care practices or facing new challenges.


Creativity Coaching


£65/hour or

4-weeks £240

6-weeks £300

Sessions are 1 hour in length at my Godalming studio or yours.

The Joy of Endless Learning.

I believe we are all naturally creative and it’s a key skill that improves with use. I am here as your creative resource – with my illustrations, cartoons, colouring quotes and doodling challenges to inspire you to incorporate a creative practice into your everyday life. It’s this creative process that extends to benefit your self-confidence, resilience to change, and abilty to resolve challenges.

A Creative Approach for an Ancient Animal.

One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a healthy mindset is managing the pressure of our modern world. This is why I believe in an ancestral approach and completed a certification in Primal Health Coaching. I combine this knowlege of human nature with the benefits of the creative process to calm your mind, engage your intuitive right-brain, open up new perspectives and enable you to see solutions you would never would have imagined otherwise. 

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