Metabolic Flexibility Quiz

Welcome to your Metabolic Flexibility Quiz


You often feel cold and cannot heat yourself up.

You overheat and have to take layers off even in winter.

You perspire when you are not working out.

You gain weight around your belly.

Your muscles are just as flexible as they were when you were 20 years old.

You have as much or more muscle mass as when you were 20 years old.

You feel lightheaded of queasy if you skip a meal.

You need to eat every 4 - 5 hours during the daytime.

You can go 16 - 24 hours without eating and not notice any negative effect.

You feel shaky if you eat later than your usual time.

You find it hard to focus on one task because your head is spinning with thoughts.

You experience brain fog and can forget simple things.

Other people would say you are always in a good mood.

You know your moods can vary and so you avoid people when you are not in a good frame of mind.

You get ‘hangry’ - angry when you are hungry.

You think about your next meal right after you've eaten.

You struggle to lose weight.

You gain weight even when you feel you are eating healthy.

You look younger than your age.

You are sensitive to bright lights.

You are sensitive to loud noises.

You remain calm in situations that others typically find stressful.

You feel mentally wired but physically tired.

You need to eat breakfast first thing in the morning.

You eat something late at night or within 2 hours of bedtime.

You snack between meals.

You crave alcohol.

You crave something sweet after eating a meal.

You crave toast, cereal, crackers or pasta.

You need caffeine to get going in the morning.

You need a caffeine hit in the afternoon.

You have difficulty falling asleep.

You wake up during the night and cannot get back to sleep within 10 - 15 minutes.

You get an energy low in the afternoon.

You're always thirsty.

Cuts and bruises take a long time to heal.

You need to pee frequently.

You retain water after eating salty foods.