Cartoon Break – Online Art Workshop for Team Building

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Join me for a Cartoon Break – online art workshops for teams, businesses and groups of adults or children who love to doodle! Take a break to sit, draw and think creatively. Unwind, connect and share laughs with friends. In each workshop, you’ll enjoy a fun, new topic to spark your imagination. Choose from two types of classes:

Cartoon Workshop: 1 hour of drawing fun, sharing ideas, and thinking creatively to doodle your own narrative scene. Pricing starts at £150.00 for up to 20 people. Get in touch for pricing for larger groups.

You’ll need: A pencil and A4 paper or a sketchbook. You may also want a black fine liner and eraser.

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I really enjoyed this and it was different to anything we’ve had throughout the pandemic. Made me smile and I felt much more relaxed than if it were a quiz or something like that. 

Sarah is very expressive and makes things easy to follow. Superfun!!!

Thanks for arranging this.

It was great to do something different and take your mind off the working day. I thought Sarah was really positive and lovely and very engaging with the class and its definitely something which I would enjoy doing again.

Who is this online art workshop for?

Does your team or corporate group crave a creative break to recharge and strengthen their bonds? Look no further! Join me in my engaging and interactive online virtual class, tailored for creative team-building activities, where you'll unleash your inner cartoonist!

Cartoon Break, founded by me, artist and art facilitator Sarah Jane Vickery, is dedicated to providing unforgettable art workshops for team building and fostering connections within groups and corporate teams. My mission is to offer a fun and unique approach to creativity while promoting a sense of team spirit and connection.

Can you bring a funny expression to life? Can you conjure up characters from thin air? Absolutely! In my workshop, you'll relax as you delve into the art of capturing facial expressions and creating cartoons from scratch. Discover the joy of designing amusing characters and developing your own distinct style. Rest assured, no artistic experience is required! Grab your pencil, unwind, and immerse yourself in the pleasure of feeling creative, doodling, and having fun! This workshop caters to individuals of all ability levels.

Why learn to draw cartoons?

Cartoons are an exceptional medium for igniting the imagination. At Cartoon Break, my online art workshops for team building focus on nurturing curiosity, observation, and experimentation. By actively engaging in the creative process alongside you, I will inspire you to tap into your innate imaginative abilities and cultivate a mindset that thrives on creativity.

How do the online art classes for teams work?

My online art workshops closely mirror the live classes, ensuring a great team atmosphere. I will introduce the topic, we'll spend time brainstorming ideas, and then we'll embark on an exciting journey of doodling, with my guidance throughout. Session topics can be customised to suit your team's requirements. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, receive feedback, and share your work with the group. Simply log in to our Zoom art class using your computer, tablet, or phone. All you need is your sketchbook or A4 paper and a trusty pencil for drawing. Optionally, you may find a black fine liner and an eraser handy as well.

Upon logging in to Zoom's virtual classroom, you'll have a window into my world as you observe both me and my desktop during the demonstration. Zoom offers the flexibility to choose whether to enable or disable your camera, allowing us to see each other's work or maintain privacy. I'll be readily available to address questions at various points during the class. You can type questions into the "Chat" window, virtually "Raise Hand," or verbally inquire.

How do we book an online art class?

  1. Click Book a Workshop to see my workshop availability.
  2. When you book a date you will receive a link to the Zoom session which you can share with your team.
  3. You will also receive a reminder one hour before your class starts.
  4. Payment can be made by BACS or Paypal invoice. Pricing may vary for groups larger than 20 participants.

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10 reviews for Cartoon Break – Online Art Workshop for Team Building

  1. Verity Darby

    Sarah ran an interactive mini workshop for our group at Guildford Art Society. Members thoroughly enjoyed this interesting change from our normal demonstrations and workshops. Many felt it had given them a new way to look at things, and helped to kickstart creativity.

  2. Sharyn Bullen

    Sarah came to the Guildford Parkinson’s Branch, Working Age Group to run a workshop for us on the Art of Wellbeing and Journaling. Our members thoroughly enjoyed the evening. After Sarah’s talk and interactive demonstration we were given the opportunity to do our own drawings. Many of the group felt it helped them with their Dyskinesia and brought Sarah’s book to continue at home. Thank you Sarah for a brilliant evening.

  3. Lil S.

    This was unexpectedly super-enjoyable and engrossing. Sarah – was really easy to follow and develop (even for someone who cannot draw). Thanks for arranging, what a great idea.

  4. Karen Cook

    Super easy to organize and super fun to do. My colleagues and I enjoyed the break from our regular routine. An activity that the whole office could participate in!

  5. Barbara Cater

    The session was fantastic! Sarah was calm and engaging when demonstrating what we needed to draw. Who knew that I can actually draw. I recommend it for everyone.Thanks Sarah!

  6. Marsha Courtney

    What a brilliant idea Sarah has going. Sarah’s services were engaged for a corporate team building event. The team had soooo much fun and the feedback received was wonderfully positive. We will certainly, engage Sarah’s services again in the future.

  7. Anna

    Sarah’s online workshop was so much fun. We had a group of very varied ages and everyone really enjoyed themselves and learnt something new! Thanks, Sarah.

  8. Helene & Gabrielle

    My daughter and I Just had a cartooning workshop with Sarah Jane and what a delight it was! She knew exactly how to keep our group engaged, motivated and inspired at all times. It was easy to tell she is doing something she absolutely loves doing – and that passion managed to find its way in our own creation! Thank you for being who you are!

  9. Jess Thompson

    Sarah delivered a day of outstanding workshops for Norden Farm this month. The artwork created was full of imagination, there were a range of age groups and Sarah catered to them all, the families gave really positive feedback after the sessions and the atmosphere was calm and engaged throughout. We’d love to work with Cartoon Club again. Many thanks for the brilliant work!

  10. Charlotte CW

    We contacted Sarah as we are just launching new values for our company and we wanted to run an art class for the children of people at our company to explore our values visually. Children often see things more clearly and are honest with their opinions. It was a great way for us to explore what our values will look like and to engage those people with children (or the big kids in our business). Sarah is not only a fantastic teacher and artist, she is amazingly creative and helped to shape the class so that we could get the most out of the hour with a global audience from China to Israel, to the UK and Canada.

    • Sarah Jane Vickery

      It was a pleasure to work with you and your team! I really enjoyed the challenge of designing a cartooning experience around your company values. What great creative ideas we got from everyone!

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