Live Art Workshops for Groups & Events

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Time: 1 – 2 hours for one workshop
For: Up to 20 people (The Art of Journaling up to 30)
Cost: starting from £150
Travel: FREE within 5 miles of Godalming; £0.45/mile outside of Guildford, Elstead, Wonersh, Witley, Albury, Worplesdon
Includes: All materials (and it’s not too messy!)
Resources Required: Conference style table and chair arrangement (The Art of Jouraling can be in chairs with a hardback to write on)
Please contact me for pricing and to confirm availability on: or 07745 975 327

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Let’s get creative! Here you will find the live workshops I deliver to adults and children in various groups, businesses and events. Choose from one of the five workshops. Experience how cartooning, colouring, doodling or journaling build a creative mindset the tools and skills to help you grow, learn and achieve at any age.

Each workshop offers a unique experience, using one or a combination of artistic mediums to spark the imagination, challenge your abilities and engage creative thinking. Workshops are customised to suit a theme or team objective.

Cartoon Club Mural

This is a perfect activity for an event including those for adults and children. Together we design a giant cartoon mural. The mural is customised to the theme of your event and can include a message. Everyone participates, contributing ideas, working as a team doodling our masterpiece. It’s a wonderful activity to enhance an event and build team spirit. It’s all about discovering just how creative we can be when we are inspired by one another on a common project.

Discover Your Inner Cartoonist

Can you draw an expressive cartoon? Can you create a character from nothing? Yes indeed! But cartooning is for more than just having a giggle. Cartoons are a fantastic way of engaging the imagination, exploring a subject and interacting as a team. I begin by showing you simple ways of creating fun cartoons with a demonstration and warm up exercise. Next we work together to create a giant comic, a cartoon mural or a cartoon comic shop based on a theme or challenge specific to your group. Build team spirit, gain insights and have fun as you explore a topic, question or challenge. See how cartooning can inspire creative thinking and problem solving from a fun perspective.

The Art of Journaling

In this workshop you’ll discover just how powerful creative journaling can be to overcome roadblocks and make positive changes a reality. Developed from the Doodle Colour Discover workbook, this unique workshop is a wonderful creative exercise for personal development. Here I lead you through the steps to make a creative journal of your very own. Together we get curious about a theme or need specific to your group, such as “Overcoming Creative Roadblocks” or “Helping Your Healing Journey”. Discover how journaling can help you see new possibilities, solve your own challenges and leave you feeling re-energised.

Doodle, Colour & Get Creative

This is a fun workshop designed to spark your imagination, help you see new possibilities and build your creative mindset. It combines doodling, colouring and journaling exercises to give you a taste of how each tool works. De-stress with mindful doodling, stretch yourself with a colouring challenge, push your perspective with a design task. You’ll gain tools to feel both calm and creative in your everyday personal and business life.

The Colouring Book Experience

Colouring is not just for children. As fun and interactive activity for adults, colouring is becoming ever more popular and for good reason. It has some surprisingly profound health benefits. Did you know that colouring can help you to feel more calm, increase your focus, improve your mental wellbeing, relieve everyday stress, process thoughts and develop a better mindset. In this workshop I lead you through a series of colouring exercises where you will explore personal expression, intuition and challenge your pre-conceptions. You will relax and unwind as you learn more about yourself, your team and the value of colouring.

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2 reviews for Live Art Workshops for Groups & Events

  1. Verity

    Sarah ran an interactive mini workshop on the Art of Journalling for us at Guildford Art Society. Members thoroughly enjoyed this interesting change from our normal demonstrations and workshops. Many felt it had given them a new way to look at things, and helped to kickstart creativity.

  2. Sharyn Bullen

    Sarah came to the Guildford Parkinson’s Branch, Working Age Group to run a workshop for us on the Art of Wellbeing and Journaling. Our members thoroughly enjoyed the evening. After Sarah’s talk and interactive demonstration we were given the opportunity to do our own drawings. Many of the group felt it helped them with their Dyskinesia and brought Sarah’s book to continue at home. Thank you Sarah for a brilliant evening.

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