Sarah Jane Vickery

Author, Illustrator & Creativity Coach

BScE(Hons), DipI, PHC

Hi! I’m Sarah.

I believe that good things happen when curious minds put pen to paper. Curiosity and creativity are the keys that have helped me to grow, change and build a happier life.

I have moved from Canada to my roots in the UK, switched careers and completely altered my lifestyle to improve both my physical health and mental wellbeing. It did not come without a lot of struggle, trial and error – but creativity got me through.

I studied the processes of people who have positively transformed themselves, recaptured my childhood love for drawing, developed a greater appreciation for the role of animals and human nature and put these ideas into a creative practice.

Now I develop creative tools for practicing self-care and building a creative mindset. I coach one-to-one and teach online art classes and workshops on the power of putting pen to paper. I illustrate colouring books and doodle journals to inspire curiosity and creativity at any age. My hope is that the tools I have developed to make changes in my own life, will help you do the same.

I grew up with my two dogs, Snowy and Rex. Animals have always been a fundamental part of my life. When I came to England, I brought my paints and my horse Finn on a journey to work creatively. Finn, who I sadly lost at age 34 – has inspired me to illustrate the beauty and healing power of the natural world. I believe there are some creatures who are capable of filling holes, you never knew existed. 

You will find my greeting cards – dogs, cats, horses, birds, flowers, insects, critters and more – in The National Trust, West Dean College Gardens, Chelsea Physic Garden and feed shops like Rokers. Please share a handwritten hello!

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My Joy is Endless Learning.

I am here as your creative resource. To spark your creativity, inspire you with my illustrations, cartoons, colouring quotes and doodling challenges. I consider myself a perpetual student. I don’t give specific health or lifestyle advice, but instead listen, present ideas and work together with you whatever your goals and from whatever stage you are at.

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Meet Poly Moone!

Poly Moone was born out of necessity. I created her as a creative lense for exploration. Here you will follow her curious observations as she delves into the world of wellbeing. Her journey takes her through topics from motivation to mindset, chocolate to confidence, relaxation to friendship. It’s in the nature of finding answers, that she will present you with many, many questions!

A Creative Approach for an Ancient Animal.

For me, one of the hardest things about making lifestyle changes was that I always felt I was set up for failure. My natural instincts and habits get hijacked by modern temptations. This is why I gravitated to the ancestral approach, an evolutionary perspective and completed my certification in Primal Health Coaching. I am always on the lookout for ways to work along with my biology in this novel world. Working creatively, engages the right intuitive side of my brain, opens me up to new perspectives and helps me see solutions I never would have imagined otherwise. I believe we are all naturally creative and it’s a key skill that improves with work.

Putting the Mind-Body Puzzle together.

I’ve always struggled when I have neglected the connection between my body and my mind. In the past I put too much emphasis on one aspect of health, that I failed to see the huge impact other factors like creativity, sleep, community and mindfulness had on my wellbeing. Now I aim for balance. I use creativity to support my own health and emotional wellbeing. I hope that my workbooks, workshops and coaching can be great tools for others to do the same.