Sarah Jane Vickery

Illustrator, Author, Engineer, Designer, Certified Primal Health Coach & Cartoon Wellbeing Blogger

BScE(Hons), DipI, PHC

Hi! I’m Sarah.

Welcome to the curious observations of Poly Moone. A cartoon by me, Sarah Jane Vickery. This is where I combine my problem-solving engineering side, with my love for drawing and passion for wellbeing, to inspire anyone to be curious, get creative and practice change.

I believe that curiousity and creativity are the keys to change. I have made significant changes in my life, moving from Canada to the UK, switching careers and completely altering my diet and lifestyle to improve both my physical health and happiness. It did not come without a lot of trial and error – but creativity helped my discover a new mindset.

I studied the mindset, thought processes and routines of people who have positively transformed themselves. I put these ideas into a creative practice – doodling, colouring and questioning along my own journaling journey. 

Now I develop creative frameworks for change. I coach and teach workshops on the power of journaling for building a growth mindset and illustrate workbooks and worksheets to inspire curiosity and creativity at any age.  My hope is that the tools I have developed to make changes in my own life, can help others do the same.

Workshops & Coaching

Find out how creativity can help you change habits and capture The Art of Wellbeing.

My Joy is Endless Learning.

I will be your resource. I will share with you everything I have learned so far and research areas where you need more help. I consider myself a perpetual student. I don’t give specific diet or lifestyle advice, but instead listen, present ideas and provide tools to help you see what might work for you. It’s in the nature of finding answers, I will present many, many questions!

Meet Poly Moone!

Poly Moone was born out of necessity. I created her as a creative lense for exploration. Here you will follow the curious observations of Poly Moone as she delves into ever so many topics in the world of wellness. Her journey takes her through everything from habit change to mindset, from chocolate to confidence, from relaxation to friendship. She does not give advice, but instead listens, presents ideas and provides tools to help you see what might work for you. It’s in the nature of finding answers, that she will present many, many questions!

A Modern Approach for an Ancient Animal.

For me, one of the hardest things about making health change was the feeling that I was set up for failure. My natural instincts and habits still get hijacked by modern temptations. This is why I gravitated to the ancestral approach and an evolutionary perspective. I am always on the lookout for ways to work along with my biology from the viewpoint of our novel world.

Putting the Mind-Body Puzzle together.

I have always struggled before to solve a health problem when I neglected the connection between my body and my mind. In the past I put so much emphasis on addressing diet alone, that I failed to see how much of an impact other factors like stress, sleep, community and mindfulness had on my choices. Now I try to look at wellness from a holistic perspective. The best solution, is often found in a seemingly unrelated way.