Do you love to doodle Cartoons?

This is for you! Join me, Sarah Jane Vickery, for non-stop drawing fun at Cartoon ClubOnline art classes for kids and BIG Kids (that’s you adults) who love to get creative!

Welcome to Cartoon Club!

Online Art Classes for kids & BIG Kids

who love to get creative

Cartoon Club was set up by me artist, Sarah Jane Vickery, to give more people the chance to experience my fun approach to being creative. Spark your imagination, learn to draw and build a creative mindset through the ageless art of cartooning.

Find classes for kids, adults & groups!

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For Kids 8 – 12

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For Adults

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Live Mural Activity

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Private Groups

My daughter LOVES this! She hasn’t stopped drawing since. She said it was great fun and ‘amazing’, and she made friends at the first session


Cartoon Club Parent

My daughter did 2 courses already with Sarah and will be joining the 3rd! Her drawing improved ,her sense of humour and she spends time at home also doing cartoons since she joined.

Maria Magalhaesm

Cartoon Club Cranleigh

My son is really enjoying this club and is clearly learning lots as he is now doodling cartoon faces everywhere – even in the condensation on the shower door!


After-school Club Parent


What can I draw at Cartoon Club?

cartoon club
Cartoon club for kids

What do you learn by Cartooning?

My art classes for children and adults are about more than just doodling – we build a creative mindset:

  • Develop an experimental perspective
  • Connect to your intuitive right-brain
  • Unplug and de-stress
  • Become more observant
  • Apply the design process
  • Gain confidence to make decisions
  • Meet like-minded friends
  • And of course have fun!

What do you give an avid doodler? A Cartoon Party of course!

Got a keen doodler at home with a birthday or special event coming up? Here’s 1 hour of online drawing fun to celebrate with your small group.