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This is the Shop where Curious Minds put pen to paper!

Here you will find beautifully illustrated workbooks, colouring pages and cards. All the tools you need to capture The Art of Wellbeing.

Spark your creativity! Ponder ageless questions.. Doodle, Colour & Discover the creative path to a happier you. 

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NEW Colouring Book

 Veronica’s Garden

A Colouring Book to inspire

Curiosity, Courage & Friendship

This is no ordinary colouring book…it’s a journey! Where curious minds capture The Art of Wellbeing. From a fox who flies and a squirrel who gardens, to a brave little bird alongside a sceptical Top Cat – the seeds of friendship are everywhere. What messages will you see? How will you colour this adventure? Step through the gate and see what you discover in Veronica’s Garden

FREE Shipping on UK orders over £10 and Intl. orders over £25


I’ll Doodle, I’ll Colour & what will I Disocver?!

Good question! Here you will find fun and creative, squiggly and intriguing exercises to get you thinking mindfully and journaling with joy.

This is an ageless exploration, for anyone who enjoys pondering fundamental questions, developing their creativity and gaining insights into their own life. Grab your pen! Get your colours! Doodle away and discover the joyous power of journaling.

When was the last time you coloured?


Colouring Pages!

Colouring is more than just a fun activity for children. It has some amazing health benefits and can help to:

  • Relax & unwind
  • Build your intuitive right-brain
  • Simple mindfulness practice
  • De-stress and reassess
  • Improve your sleep
A great resource working with anyone on those complex executive skill functions in a fun and creative way.
Michelle van Rooyen

Occupational Therapist, The Handwriting Tutor

My 7 year old daughter has started journaling! Thank you Poly Moone for awakening her inner artist and providing a tool for her to access her emotions and express these in a form that makes sense to her. “Look Dadda, I fed my worry to The Bogey Beast! He ate it up and spat it out all happy!”

Piers Carter



Finely Illustrated Cards for the Animal Lover in you.

I love getting real post! There is nothing quite like a hand-written hello to boost my spirits. Every card I illustrate is inspired by my friends animals and the photos they share with me.


What do you get for the pet with everything?

A Portrait of course!

Your dog, cat, horse or critter design in digital format to use as you wish drawn in the same style I use to create my greetings cards. A high resolution PDF and JPG file so that you can create and print anything you wish.