Doodling Colouring Questioning Wellbeing Workbook: A New Tale of Me


What’s a ‘Doodling, Colouring, Questioning Workbook’ you ask?!

Good question! Here you will find fun and creative, squiggly and intriguing exercises to get you thinking mindfully and journaling with joy.

This is an ageless exploration, for anyone who enjoys pondering fundamental questions, developing their creativity and gaining insights into their own life.

Grab your pen! Get your colours! Doodle away and discover the joyous power of journaling.


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What’s ‘A New Tale of Me’ all about?

Poly Moone was created by artist, engineer, designer and health coach, Sarah Jane Vickery, to inspire people of all ages to be curious, get creative and practice change. The Lost Art of Wellness series follows Poly Moone’s intriguing adventures through the mindbody puzzle.

In Workbook One: ‘A New Tale of Me’, Poly’s exercises help you uncover that ever so illusive great story of your own. You will creatively journal on topics including: Making it Mine, Work of Joy, The Mindful Toolbox, Facing Bogey Beasts, My Curious Story to A New Tale of Me.

Curious yet? Perfect! You’re just who Poly is looking for! So take a chance. Put pen to paper and enjoy your trip through The Lost Art of Wellness.


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250 gsm laminated paper stock


120 gsm uncoated paper stock


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