Art Classes

Here you will find live and online art classes for kids and adults alike with me, artist and creativity coach, Sarah Jane Vickery. Perfect for children and adults who like to draw, doodle and create cartoons. My goal is to provide interactive, engaging and inspiring live and online art classes for kids and adults to share their love of cartoons – and ultimately, have fun while building creative confidence.

You will enjoy fun doodling challenges, cartoon drawing exercises and learn techniques from my Doodle Colour Discover workbook inspiring curiosity and a creative mindset.

Cartoons are a fantastic way of engaging the imagination. My approach to cartooning is about being curious, observant and experimental. Drawing is really about learning to see. Each cartoon art class takes you through the design process – students discover they can draw pictures they never imagined possible. This method not only improves their artistic drawing ability, but also gives you the confidence to express your ideas visually and the skills to apply this thinking to everyday challenges.

Activities include drawing exercises such as capturing expression, using angles to add excitement, bringing cartoon characters to life with motion and telling a comic story. Each art class for kids and adults has a theme linked to a creative challenge to help students discover a style all their own.

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