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Join me at Cartoon Club – online art classes for kids who love to doodle! Perfect for children who love to sit, draw and think creatively. Choose from:

Cartoon Club for Kids: 1 hour class for ages 8 – 12 with a new fun, creative, narrative theme each week, £7/child

Cartoon Club Junior: 30 minute class for ages 6 – 7 or anyone wanting a shorter, more step-by-step introduction to cartooning £4/child

You’ll need: Pencils and A4 paper or a sketchbook. You may also want a black fine liner and markers or pencil crayons. Of course you also need your computer, tablet, or phone charged and ready to go.

Login to Class: You’ll receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to login once you register for art class. Install the Zoom app beforehand. Then just login 5 minutes before the time of your online class and have fun!


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Who is Cartoon Club for?

Is your child always doodling? Do they love to create cartoons? These are the art classes for them! At Cartoon Club for Kids we are a small, friendly group that works together in our online platform via Zoom Meeting. We’re open to anyone who likes to sit, doodle and dream up cartoons.

Cartoon Club was set up by me, artist and Creativity Coach Sarah Jane Vickery, with the aim of getting more kids sharing their love of cartoons – and ultimately, having fun while building creative confidence.

What will children learn?

Children will enjoy fun doodling challenges, cartoon drawing exercises and learn techniques from my Doodle Colour Discover workbook inspiring curiosity and a creative mindset.

Choose from two different classes:

Cartoon Club for Kids: 1 hour class for ages 8 - 12 with a new fun, challenging, narrative cartoon theme each week.

Cartoon Club Junior: 30 minute class for ages 6 - 7 or anyone wanting a shorter, more step-by-step introduction to cartooning.


Activities include exercises such as capturing expression, using angles to add excitement, bringing characters to life with motion and telling a comic story. Each art class for kids has a theme linked to a creative challenge to help children discover a style all their own. The online class is designed for the given age ranges but it's up to you as to which class type your child is best suited for.

Cartoons are a fantastic way of engaging children’s imagination. My approach to cartooning is about being curious, observant and experimental. Drawing is really about learning to see. Each class takes them through the design process – children discover they can draw pictures they never imagined possible. This method not only improves their drawing ability, but also gives them the confidence to express their ideas visually and the skills to apply this thinking to other creative challenges.

How do the online art classes for kids work?


The online art classes for kids are very similar to my live classes; there is a lesson, a demonstration, and we all get doodling. You can ask questions, get feedback and share our work too. You will login to Zoom Meeting with your computer, tablet or phone. You will need your sketchbook or paper and pencils to draw with. You may also want markers, pencil crayons or other colours to work with. If there are any PDFs to download and print, I will send those out beforehand.
When you login to Zoom Meeting you will be in our virtual classroom. You will see both me and my desktop so you can see me draw. Zoom allows you to choose to turn your camera on or off so that we can see you and you can show your work. I will take questions at various points during the class. You can also type questions into the “Chat” window, “Raise Hand” virtually and verbally ask questions too.


How do I login to Cartoon Club Online?

Once you pay and checkout you will receive a confirmation email with the link to your online class.
  1. You will be prompted to download and install the Zoom app if you have not already done so. You only need to do this once.
  2. Open the Zoom app and input the Meeting ID from your email confirmation.
  3. Log on a few minutes before your class begins.
  4. You will be in the “Waiting Room”. I will start your session at the designated time.
  5. You can choose to have your camera turned on or off. If you turn it on, we can see you and you can share your work and get feedback.
  6. If you have difficulties there are complete instructions on my How to Join Your Online Class

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28 March 10:30am, 31 March 2pm

20 reviews for Cartoon Club – Interactive Online Art Classes for Kids

  1. Mateo

    Enjoyable fun and funny looking forward to more

  2. Suzie Brockett

    “Very enjoyable and I learnt how to draw better too, she was really nice .” Says my daughter age 11.

  3. Rochelle (verified owner)

    We thought it was a really well structured class, but still had alot of room for creativity. It worked well as a zoom class too and was surprised how interactive it was still between the kids. Well done Sarah, you are a great teacher!

  4. Clare

    My daughter loved Sarah’s session in person during half term and enjoyed it on Zoom too during lockdown! Sarah is gentle yet instructive and a super teacher. It is lovely to have something so creative and interactive available for the children to do.

  5. Sara Donnelly

    This was a lovely way to spend an afternoon – the children really enjoyed the session and it had a nice theme (Night at the Zoo). By creating a comic strip Sarah even managed to get my reluctant writer to do a little writing too! My son lost focus a little near the end as a full hour is a little long for him to concentrate, but I was surprised he was as engaged for as long as he was – thank you and we will see you again! 🙂

  6. Karen Shatford

    Amazing class. My daughter loved it. Continued to work on her project for 3 hours after class was over!

  7. SJ

    Frankie loves these sessions and is always excited to start one

  8. Mimi

    My daughter really enjoyed this class after school and was keen to sign up for the Zoom class. It works really well with Zoom and is something special, just for her. She says she likes making different characters. It inspires her and is just a lovely, fun, creative thing to do! Thank you Sarah for providing some space to be!

  9. Lisa Whyke

    My 9 year old son has joined the weekly online class since the beginning of lockdown and is really enjoying it. He’s loving the different characters and topics and his drawing has really improved. Really varied and interesting classes with a brilliant teacher. Thanks so much Sarah.

  10. Ranee

    My Daughter Loves her online classes and thinks they are amazing and is always so happy and confident after them. The classes have been a real comfort during lock down and her drawing skills have enhanced so much.

  11. Aggie

    My daughter really enjoyed the Kids Cartoon Club class. Sarah is a lovely teacher. Patient, very creative and great at engaging kids as well as stimulating their creativity.

  12. Jenny

    Our daughter loves Sarah’s online classes and always comes away with a great cartoon and a confidence boost. Sarah also did a cartooning session for her birthday party which went really well and kept 15 9 year olds amazingly quiet and happy!

  13. Steph Standing

    “it was brilliant and I loved it!” – Henry 6 and 1/2

  14. Darryl

    This was an amazing class and an amazing experience for our daughter. My daughter has asked to be signed up for multiple classes. We are looking forward to seeing more of her work. Great confidence booster. Thank you for such a wonderful service Sarah!

  15. Shelby M

    My daughter loves to draw (she definitely fits the bill of doodling all of the time), and she loved having an opportunity to take one of these courses. Sarah was welcoming and fun, encouraging and interactive, which is often difficult to accomplish virtually. She challenged the students to bring out their own creativity and originality in their work. It was so wonderful to see my daughter having such a positive experience, and being excited about something after facing so many disappointments this year. It was a boost to her confidence and also her outlook. I was also pleased to find out about the many offerings for adults, as well. We are very much looking forward to doing more!

    • Sarah Jane Vickery

      That’s terrific that she finds it stretches her creatively. Super! It’s just as fun in the adult class. Do come along!

  16. Susanne Gibson

    Toby has absolutely loved the Junior Art Classes! Sarah is so lovely with him online and so positive, giving suggestions to improve and making it exciting and fun. She always includes every child and gives them the chance to show off their work. This is a calming session for Toby and a lovely start to our weekends. We would certainly be interested in other opportunities face to face if and when these arise. Thank you!

    • Sarah Jane Vickery

      I’m so pleased that Toby is getting so much out of the Junior class. I love teaching it and he is a pleasure to work with. It’s wonderful to know that he finds the drawing calming. Me too! I’ll keep everyone posted in my newsletter when I have live workshops again.

  17. Robyn Taylor

    So much fun. Sarah’s class is fun and my kids learned a lot. The interactive easy pace was especially enjoyable. I would highly recommend.

  18. Beverley

    The adult class was fun! It was also relaxing. Great stress relief! Thank you.

  19. Mukesh

    Moksha enjoyed the cartoon club and first time she did explored drawing cartoon in online class. Thank you very much Sarah for wonderful class.

  20. Andrea Cleaver

    Sarah’s classes are fantastic! Both of my kids (ages 11 and 8) absolutely enjoyed the weekly hour of creativity and fun themes. They loved the fact that Sarah asked for input, and remained fully focused for the full hour. Highly recommended!

    • Sarah Jane Vickery

      They are so creative and a pleasure to have in class!

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