1. Install Zoom App

You’ll only need to do this once. It takes a few minutes…

1. After you purchase your class, click the link to Zoom Meeting in the confirmation email. Click “Agree and Proceed” and “Close” to accept the cookies.

2. The “zoomusLancher.zip” file will start downloading onto your computer, phone or tablet.

3. If you are on your computer: Go to your Downloads folder and double click the zoomusLauncher.

4. Click “Agree” to the Terms of Service. This will install Zoom and launch the app.

2. Join Your Class

1. Input the Meeting ID from your email and click “Join”.

2. Zoom may ask to access your camera and microphone. Choose “OK” if you want to be able to share your work and ask questions.

3. Zoom may ask if you want “To hear others”. Click “Call using internet Audio”.

4. You’ll see, “Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon”. That’s perfect, and I will start your session shortly.

3. Using Zoom in Class

If you are on a phone/tablet:

1. Tap the screen to reveal the function keys. Swipe between screens to reveal the options and “Tap to Speak”

2. Tap the small video frame in the top right corner to change the video view.

3. Tap “More” and “Chat” to text me a message or “Raise Hand” to ask a question.

If you are on your computer:

1. Click “Start Video” in the bottom left corner of your screen so we can see you.

2. Click the small video frames in the top to change the video view.

3. Click “Chat” to text me a message or “Raise Hand” from the control panel.

4. Click “Leave Meeting” to exit when we’re done.

Need Help?

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