Are you ready to Capture The Art of Wellbeing?

This is the place where happy change happens!

Here you will find mindfully designed workbooks, colouring books and workshops illustrated by me, Sarah Jane Vickery, that will inspire you to Be Curious, Get Creative and Practice Change.

Can you spark your creativity? Yes! 

Tools for Curious Minds

Art Tuition & Creativity Coaching

Experience how cartooning, colouring and journaling support wellbeing and personal development by building a calm, clear and confident mindset.

Cartoon Club for Kids

Is your child always doodling? Do they love to create cartoons? Then this is for them! Classes in Godalming and Cranleigh helping children gain creative confidence and have fun!

Colouring Books & Workbooks

This is where curious minds put pen to paper! You will experience the power of mindful colouring and creative journaling to de-stress and building a growth mindset.

Doodle Colour & Cartoon Workshops

Spark your creativity and enjoy a squiggly journey through the mind-body puzzle. Slow down, unplug, and relax as you doodle, colour and cartoon your pay to a more mindful you.


Veronica’s Garden

A Colouring Book to inspire Curiosity, Courage & Friendship

Pictures tell a tale of ageless exploration, of the struggles we all have to be happy and find purpose. A place that inspires curiosity, courage and friendship – captured for you to colour.

Ready for a new perspective? Grab your colours, step through the gate and see what you discover in Veronica’s Garden.


Doodle, Colour & Cartoon Workshops

You won’t have seen workshops like this before! It combines creativity with a wellbeing perspective for a uniquely restorative experience.

Classes are developed from The Art of Wellbeing workbooks and colouring books and include cartooning for self-expression, colouring for relaxation and doodling for mindfulness. Get ready to Be Curious, Get Creative and Practice Change. 


How can I gain Creative skills? With Cartooning & Creativity Coaching!

If you are feeling overwhelmed or uninspired and would like to spark your creativity, this is for you!

By connecting wellbeing research with creativity and through fun, practical exercises, I have designed a logical, empowering coaching approach that enables adults and children alike to build a growth mindset and the skills to make happy change happen.


Meet Poly Moone. A cartoon by me, Sarah Jane Vickery

I created Poly Moone as a fun way to blog about the new thoughts and tools I uncover in the world of wellness. Poly delves into every topic from habit change to mindset, from chocolate to confidence, from relaxation to relationships. In her blog she shares a multitude of surprising and funny findings that just might help you on your road to wellbeing. But be warned! It’s in the nature of finding answers, that she will present you with many, many questions!

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Discover A New Tale of Me – The Wellbeing Workbook

Here you will find fun and creative, squiggly and intriguing exercises to get you thinking mindfully and journaling with joy.

This is an ageless exploration, for anyone who enjoys pondering fundamental questions, developing their creativity and gaining insights into their own life.

Grab your pen! Get your colours! Doodle away and recapture the joyous power of journaling.

The Blog of Curious Observations