Doodling, Colouring, Questioning Workshop

Explore the power of The Lost Art of Journaling.

Join Sarah Jane Vickery and follow Poly Moone for a fun and squiggly time. Spark your creativity, ponder curious questions and enjoy a journey through the mind-body puzzle.


That’s an unusual sounding name for a Workshop?!

It certainly is! And for good reason. You won’t have seen this before.

This workshop was developed from “The Lost Art of Wellness” workbooks and worksheets, by Sarah Jane Vickery. It’s a uniquely creative framework that uses the power of journaling to inspire you to be curious, get creative and practice change. 


Do I need to be an artist?

Definitely not! This is an ageless exploration for anyone anyone with a questioning mind looking to spark their creativity. There’s no need to draw – we doodle. Bye-bye to rules – all lines are squiggly here! And colour just means more F.U.N.

Slow down, unplug, relax and ponder the questions we all have.


Creativity oozes and happy changes happen!

At the workshop you will experience how journaling engages both the creative and analytical sides of your brain. You will see challenges from a new perspective, find solutions you didn’t imagine before and change habits you’ve struggled with in the past.

What topics can we explore? Here are just a few…

Growing Gratitude

Happy inspired journaling exercises help you to foster gratitude and refine your focus.

Facing Fear

How to navigate fear and anxiety, tools you can use and ways to move towards your goal.

My Great Story

Explore the stories you tell yourself, what holds you back and develop a great new tale.

Curious about a Workshop?

Experience a Doodling, Colouring, Questioning Workshop of your very own.

Sarah Jane Vickery

Illustrator, Author, Designer, Engineer,      Health Coach & Cartoon Wellness Blogger

What if I need more support?

I’m here for one-to-one coaching! As a coach, it’s my job to support you unconditionally, to empower you to discover your own wisdom and strength. I will listen to you, spark your creativity with fun journaling exercises and help you create your own solutions to challenges whatever your goals and wherever you are at.

The 4-week Reset Plan

One Month of Coaching £240.00

The program starts with one month of sessions and support. That’s one meeting per week which typically lasts 1 hour, over the course of four weeks. 

Coaching One-to-one

Sessions £65.00 per hour

You can have coaching by the hour too. You can contact me in between meetings any time you need for support and ideas.