Let’s Get Creative Workshops for Adults

Here you will find clubs, workshops and online classes for curious and creative adultsJoin me, Sarah Jane Vickery, for a fun and squiggly time as you doodle, colour, cartoon and journal to discover your most creative self.

online art drawing classes for adults

Discover Your Inner Cartoonist – Online Art Class for Adults

I invite you to join me online live from my studio. Take a break to sit, draw and think creatively as I lead you through a fun, new, narrative theme to cartoon in our 1 hour class. 

What a way to spend the morning! – the ambiance coupled with Sarah’s warm welcome and very sweet art work to colour made the whole experience perfect. Thank you – we will be back.

Alex Piefer


A lovely evening that wizzed by!

David Weightman

Wedding Photographer, Married to my Camera

The time flew by. Really relaxing and completely in the zone. Nice to meet like-minded souls.

Anna S.

Doodling Workshop


FREE Colouring Club Online Meetup for Creative folk

Join me each week for an informal online colouring meetup. Every Sunday I invite you to join me live from my studio. Grab one of my FREE PDFs or use your own book. It’s your weekly excuse to colour, chat and relax before the week begins. 


Workshops for Groups, Businesses & Events

I deliver workshops to children and adults for business, leisure groups and events. Choose from four workshop formats, customised to your specific needs and goals. Experience how cartooning, colouring, doodling and journaling build a creative mindset – the tools and skills to grow, learn and achieve at any age.

Doodle Colour & Get Creative

Experience a mix of creative tools to spark your imagination and empower you with everyday problem solving skills.

The Colouring Book Experience

You will relax and unwind as you learn more about yourself, your team and the surprising wellbeing benefits of colouring.

Discover Your Inner Cartoonist

Build teamwork, gain insights and have fun as you explore a topic, question or challenge through the fun of cartoons.

The Art of Journaling

 Discover just how powerful creative journaling can be to overcome roadblocks and make positive changes a reality. 


Can Colouring help my Wellbeing? You betcha!

Did you colour as a child? How about as an adult?! Colouring is a uniquely creative hobby with some amazing health benefits:

  • Relax & unwind
  • Build your intuitive right-brain
  • Simple mindfulness practice
  • De-stress and reassess
  • Improve your sleep
  • Meet new friends!

Curious about a Workshop?

Get in touch to learn more about organising a workshop for your group, team or business.

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Sarah Jane Vickery

Artist & Creativity Coach

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