I’m guilty of this! It’s so easy for me to overdo those ‘healthy paleo’ foods like chocolate, coconut, and brazil nuts. The trouble with them is that they are very high in phytates. Too much phytate consumption from whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds can contribute osteoporosis and overproduction of cortisol have a negative effect on the body, including the inhibiting the uptake of calcium. According to The Primal Blueprint a healthy gut biome contains enzymes that break down phytates into components that can be utilised beneficially. Researchers of a study published by Dr. Regis Stentz at the Institute of Food Research in England stated that, “the bacteria [in a healthy intestinal tract] package the enzyme in small ‘cages’, called outer membrane vesicles (OMVs), which allow phytate in for nutrient processing but prevent it being destroyed by our own protein-degrading enzymes. This releases nutrients, specifically phosphates and inositol, which can be absorbed by our own bodies, as well as the bacteria.” Oh I better watch those cashews!