This is a great article my friend Adrian found about the surprising benefits of doodling from BBC News Katie Wright:
How do you cope with the unexpected death of your partner of 19 years? That was the question facing Gary Andrews, 57, when his 41-year-old wife Joy died suddenly almost a year ago. Over the last 12 months he has discovered that, for him, the answer is doodling – a doodle a day to be precise. In a digital age he says he missed the scratch of pen on paper so “made it a habit, last thing at night, to do a little sketch based on something that had happened that day”.  “People who are in a similar boat are seeing me write stuff, draw stuff, that relates to something happening in their life which maybe they haven’t been able to articulate,” he says. “Or they see something that’s been happening to them and realise they’re not alone in feeling that.”