It’s just crazy how much data some of these grocery stores are collecting on us. Everything from your job history to the magazines you read and even where are your kids go to school. They collect this because each shopper’s habits are unique. Researchers at the University of Southern California say that consumers act like creatures of habit, automatically repeating past behaviour and disregarding their current goals. A marketers field day! Some stores like US Target, apparently even monitor chat boards and blog sites watching which photos people post of store products to determine the most popular products. Then they can create tempting targeted coupons and offers for you. I know this is true because I get them whenever I’m at Sainsbury’s checkout, get my coupons and I wonder ‘how did they know I needed toilet paper again’? Scary! And I’m sure it gets much more sophisticated than this! Another point I’ve never thought about before is the physical store set up. I know it’s all very strategic where they place products, but did you know that apparently one of the reasons that the first thing you see when you enter the store is the fruit and veg is because, if you buy that first then, you won’t feel so guilty when at the end of your shop you find yourself in the chips aisle and grab yourself a few naughty snacks. Tricky! What if I hit the chocolate aisle first?! Probably wouldn’t help!