5 Unique Hobbies for Children

Hobbies should be fun and engaging for children and actually fun for them to enjoy. This may take time for your child to discover what they really appreciate, which is why you should encourage your child to explore as many different hobbies as they can to find their passion.

In this guide from one the top A Level schools in the UK, we share 5 unique hobbies you could try with your child.

1. Pottery

Something that can be both fun and gives children a lot of focus is pottery. You can now buy easy to make sets with all of the tools included to set your child up straight away. Let them make whatever they’d like to make and see the results for yourself, and explore other forms of pottery like using a wheel or polymer clay.

2. Mountain biking

There are different forms of cycling or biking – from the traditional road cycling to heading out in the mountains. Mountain biking is a fun way to get children used to the feeling of an adrenaline rush, and they get to see some of the beautiful countryside as well.

3. Crochet

Using crochet wool and a needle, you can make a range of designs. Children could make cuddly toys, keyrings, and presents for their friends and family. Crochet is thankfully very creative and easy to get started.

4. Board game clubs

A lot of board games will be played at home casually, but your child can also pick it up as a serious hobby. There are now many clubs and societies that actively encourage children to play board games and get used to the rules, how they can get involved in local groups and much more.

5. Origami

Cutting up shapes, folding up paper and making little animals or birds can look difficult, but your child may just have the knack for it. Let them have a go at different techniques and see what they can pick up.