Just when I thought that the processed food scientists couldn’t get any trickier, they have! Check out Doritos Roulette crips; these are tortilla crisps where some chips are much hotter and spicier than others. They even have a warning on the package saying “some chips are very hot”. Robb Wolf said that he emailed the company to see what the frequency was of the ‘hot’ versus ‘very hot’ chips and asked if this frequency followed a mathematical power law, and they indeed did!! How evil! This makes the food so much more addictive because you also get flavour novelty within a single food type. How tricky they are! So how much you eat (Y) is a function of the product (M) times the variety factor (X) to the scaling exponent (B). Processed foods are engineered to have much more palate complexity than a whole food so as to make you want to keep eating because the flavours are so diverse. Crisps are so addictive for me! I definitely have to avoid these trickster Doritos!