What fun we had at Cartoon Club online art classes for kids doing “Night at the Zoo”. I can’t believe all the fun ideas the children had and it really inspired me to create some fun new characters.

This week at Cartoon Club we designed our an entire comic story line imagining just what could happen in a night at the zoo.. with a forgetful Zoo Keeper.  In this YouTube video tutorial  I show you how I doodle just this simple rhino that I drew in our art class.

Each week there is a new topic to doodle and ponder. I try to give us something that will not only be fun to draw but also challenge us to come up with new and creative ways of telling a story. This week was particularly challenging because we made a giant comic together, each doodling one pane of the story and developing the plot together.

I found it fun to imagine what the zoo animals might get up to if they escaped. The children had such good ideas for what to put in theirs: a disco party with crocodiles, flamingos who delivered party invitations and even a panda named Jeff.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Pencil (I use my friend the 4B Faber-Castell Jumbo here)
  • Paper
  • Black marker or fine-liner (I’m using a Uni Super Ink fine marker here)
  • Eraser or rubber (it just for erasing AFTER you have inked)
  • 3 Colours (My favourite are Faber-Castell polychromes or Prismacolor but whatever you have will do just fine)

How do I draw a Cartoon Rhino?

Good question! Head on over to my YouTube channel and you can watch the tutorial where I step you through How to Draw a Cartoon Rhino from my online art class with the kids. But before you begin….get your creative thinking cap on…

How can I think more Creatively?

Before you start the video, I recommend you keep in mind the following: this is a process. Being creative is about getting into a bit of a zone. This does not happen for me by inspiration. I am not struck by some fabulous idea before I begin. The key is to just begin, despite the uncertainty. Sometimes I do something, unrelated to art, in order to put myself in an different mode. For example, one of my favourite things to do is a handstand. Sounds funny, but my friend Michelle, who is an occupational therapist told me that dyslexics like me (and many who are creative) really like being upside down. For me, I find it relaxes me, changes my perspective, literally and figuratively, and gets me in a different state where I can start to think outside of the box. This is super for starting to cartoon!

This video shows you how I draw this one rhino cartoon. What I want you to experience is the process I go through. How I think through the drawing and how I make decisions. You will come up with a different character than me and make different decisions along the way. That’s great. It will be your unique character.

Step 1 – Start by drawing lightly 

I begin with my biggest shape that is going to create my rhino. This is two half circles for the head and the body. I draw lots. This is rough sketcy thinking time. Have fun with it!

Next I lightly sketch in the other features using the same process…thinking as I go. This is my chance to play around and see how the rhino cartoon will evolve.

Step 2 – Capture your cartoon’s expression

Now I grab my pen. I start with the most important feature – what will give my rhino his character.  

Step 3 – Inking your cartoon bird

With my pen, I continue to outline the rest of my character. The body, the ears, the little tail etc. I add some details, but keep some areas simple. Variety is key.

Step 4 – Let’s Colour your Cartoon Rhino

I used four pencil crayons this time. I usually stick to three on a character this small but I wanted a bit more variety in the purple. 

Top Cartoon Colouring Tip! – VARIETY

I also added hints of purple in areas you wouldn’t expect like in the horns. I coloured his toe nails purple and yellow. This gives variety without being overwhelming. Get creative!

Please share your cartoons

Please share your doodles when you are done. I LOVE seeing everyone’s work. It’s so inspiring! If you are on Instagram please tag @sjvickery and hashtag #cartoonclub or find me on Facebook @sarahjanevickeryart

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