I met with Jenny Walker of Cornerstone Therapies the other week. We were sharing our thoughts on the many aspects of health and wellness and we got off on one of many interesting tangents. Jenny said that she had a client who had suffered from a lot of headaches. One of the causes was, get this, her footwear – flip flops! Now I loved flip flops when I was little. My sister and I lived in them at the cottage in the summer. So I thought I’d investigate further. From what I’ve read the problem is that when we wear flip flop,s we often scrunch up our toes to keep them on our feet and this can cause the fascia on the bottoms of our feet to get shorter and shorter and tighter and tighter. If you do that in addition to some other clenching or stressful habit, like bad posture or sitting at a computer all day, the tension can really compound. The tension doesn’t just stay in your feet and you can wind up also pulling at the base of the skull creating tension headaches. Just something to think about if you suffer headaches and tense feet. I don’t wear flip flops very often any more, but I do wear my Birkenstocks as slippers at home. I’ll have to ask Jenny about those. Hmm… I hope they are healthy! If you have any muscular tension issues she is a super knowledgable Advanced Clinical & Restorative Massage therapist in Godalming town centre.