Did you love to colour as a child? Didn’t we all! Colouring is not just for children. As an activity for adults, colouring is becoming ever more popular and for good reason. It has some surprisingly profound health benefits. Did you know that colouring can help you to feel more calm, increase your focus, improve your mental wellbeing, relieve everyday stress, process thoughts and develop a better mindset. By becoming more creative, even in a small way, we build resilience to change. There’s no need to be an artist! It’s all about putting pencil to paper, sparking the creative brain and feeling the mindful benefits of colouring.

I will be at Sunrise Senior Living hosting a class Friday 28th June at 10:30am. Residents will have the chance to experience colouring fun again as they enjoy colouring one of my illustrations – these are drawings I design with inspirational quotes from Art of Wellbeing book series to inspire curiosity, creativity and a growth mindset. Join my newsletter to hear when my colouring book is out – due August 2019.