I used to play hop scotch ever recess with my friend Michelle. Such a simple game but such stress relief. There is so much I have forgotten about my childhood. I really notice this when my friend Monica, who I met in the sandbox literally, recounts some story I’ve no recollection of. The thing is childhood is a seriously powerful ally for me. It has made me be made more creative or perhaps get back to being creative would be more accurate. It’s made me remember so many things that I used to love doing. I have forgotten all the fun I used to have. The questions issues and sensibilities of a wonder filled in mind are so worth recapturing. All these things that I’ve long since stop thinking about. It’s so valuable I find for me to be able to draw on the capital of my childhood. It helps me to come up with new drawings, exercises and practices in creative ways. I solve problems I’ve been stuck on. This is a habit I want to keep reinforcing. So more drawing! It’s actually why I started (well got back to) doing the cartoons. For fun! I used to get up super early when I was young and draw cartoons. So I started just that again and I love it. This is been one of my best, long-lost habits, I’m so glad I’ve taken back up. Do you have any you’d want to recapture? By the way, I’m not sure where I first read this, but this quote is from Baudelaire.