Dr. Kelly Brogan and Joe Rogan were discussing the benefits of self-induced hardship. Historically we would have naturally experienced hardship in our daily lives. Today it is possible to avoid hardship so much more easily. It’s such a temptation to take it easy. I do this. I am totally guilty of using the ‘I deserve a rest’ excuse all to often. But it’s a balance. I feel best when I have both; a bit of hardship countered with some relaxation. That’s why I have started doing cross-fit classes every week. It’s a pretty intense 30 minute session of exercises that I would otherwise never do on my own. Thank goodness for our trainer Rory who circles around, watching and pushing us to work harder. Otherwise I’d be slacking. And let me tell you, I still complain when he says we are doing five rounds of the circuit instead of the usual four. Afterwards, I always feel so much better. Now I’m trying to pay more attention to pushing myself during our sessions instead of thinking ‘when will this be done?!’ and it’s alright. I can’t say that I have entirely embraced the love of squats and lunges yet, but I’m getting there. I’m telling myself it’s the delta – the difference I feel between pushing-it and relaxing that feels so good. I’m really glad I started that class and now that I have friends there, I have people expecting to see me every week. No wimping out anymore!