This is why I work out in a group and with a coach; sure I get better and fitter but more than that, it makes me stick with it. I feel so much better after my weekend at the gym. There was a Harvard study that looked at people who were able to make big improvements to their personal habits and how they did it. The common thread amongst people who succeeded, was that they embedded themselves in a social group in order to make the change easier. It seems that when people join groups where others believe they can change, it makes it feel possible and so much more surmountable. There doesn’t always need to be a great impetus like the threat of disease or illness or some other tragedy, it can just be that they want to feel happier and healthier. And sometimes all it takes, is just one other person who can make that change believable to make all the difference. Too bad I have to do my morning stretching alone! I miss Smudge! He actually has very good form. I could learn a thing or two!