What a change between what we used to die of in the 1900s versus what is killing us today. Chris Kresser says that in 1900 the majority people died from typhoid, tuberculosis and pneumonia – all acute illnesses. Today our top three killers are heart disease, cancer and, this is the one that surprised me, medical care. How scary is that?! This “medical care” category includes not only malpractice but also correctly prescribed medications. Sometimes the medications have deadly side-effects. Ah! Chris points out that the reason that the medical system is failing so many people today, is that it was initially created to treat acute conditions like tuberculosis and broken limbs, not the chronic diseases of today. I guess it is very hard to change a system once the ball is rolling. By the way if you are wondering what I’ve drawn here, it is supposed to be a Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi bacteria; the bacteria that causes typhoid. It’s rather too fat but it had to accommodate the “Tuberculosis” which just rather a long word! It is a really interesting talk if you want to listen to this podcast from Mind Pump Radio. It is episode 620: Chris Kresser on the Chronic Disease Equation, the Potato Hack for Fat Loss and they talk about this topic around 55 minutes in