My sister and I both did the hoola hoop when we were young. I don’t remember being terribly good at it but it was fun! We also used to roller skate (you know the old school metal ones that you strapped over your feet and locked in place with a key!) and we skipped all the time. It never crossed my mind that this was exercise. It was just fun! And of course I did gymnastics all the time. When I was out doing sprints the other week, I thought I wonder if I can still do a cartwheel. Well I can and a handstand too and what’s more it was super fun. I won’t do much more than that because I don’t want to injure myself but while the weather is good, and the grass is green and most importantly soft, I’m going to do a bit, just for fun. How did I forget about all these activities I used to love?! Do you have anything you might take up again?