I liked Mark Sisson’s explanation of why it is beneficial to be able to get by on less food. He says that a lot of people he knows are trying to exercise because they love food and want to be able to eat more without gaining weight, but as he explains it’s not beneficial because increasing your metabolism is not necessarily beneficial to longevity or even to health. The thing is, it’s better if your body is trained to get by on less food. You also don’t risk over training and injuring yourself, just for the sake of a bit of mouth pleasure. If you can be more efficient on less energy, your body does not need to do as much processing. Your genes in fact expect you to have periods of fasting. It’s natural in our primal makeup. Mark Sisson also talks about how ketosis can improve your metabolic flexibility in this podcast with Aubrey Marcus. And it’s credit to Aubrey who says he “leaves one bite for the gods”. Nice image Aubrey! I’ve just recently taken to using smaller plates because my salads were growing to gargantuan proportions. Mark says he asks himself, “am I truly hungry for the next bite?”. I’m usually not. Oh habit change is hard!

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