I discovered this by accident when I started working in Toronto. I’m right handed so naturally I always used the mouse with my right hand. I was sitting at a computer so much that I was starting to develop carpal tunnel. So I decided, rather out of necessity, to use my mouse with my left hand. It wasn’t instinctive but if I put the mouse on the left side of my computer, I could force myself to do it. After a while it got easier. Next I started ticking off lists with my left hand again. Then occasionally I would find myself writing the odd thing with my left hand. It wasn’t pretty but I could do it. The thing I realised is that I could change even the most automatic habit if I #1 Forced myself and #2 Rewired my brain. I just had to make new pathways. I wonder how I can apply this to other habits I want to change? I remembered about this little trick I did when listening to a talk that Mel Robbins gave on habit change. She is an expert on the topic if you want to listen to her.