Maybe it’s because I’ve been making homemade sauerkraut lately that I’m a bit Mason jar mad, but it helps me keep this concept in mind. I remember getting this visual from Tim Ferriss when he was talking about the dangers of filling your life up with a whole bunch of things that are ‘ok’ but not great, and then running out of space for the big things that are truly amazing. It’s easy to do. I think I need to keep this concept in mind when it comes to time management too. The other thing I always associate with this is BEDMAS – remember learning that in math class. It’s all about the order of operations! First things first! I guess a good way to test this is to do an 80-20 analysis as Tim often recommends. What are the 20% of activities/people/work that give me 80% of my satisfaction/contribution/purpose? There’s one for the journal! Here’s a video of Tim Ferriss explaining how he does his 80/20 analysis.