I’d forgotten how good it feels for your back to lie on a rolled up towel. My massage therapist in Canada had me doing this exercise years ago but I had gotten out of the habit until I met with Jenny Cornerstone therapies She reminded me about the benefits of spending even 5 minutes a day doing this simple stretch. I remember it made such a difference to me in my past life when I used to spend over 8 hours a day slumped in front of a computer screen. I use a stand up desk now, and move around a lot more all day long, but I still treasure my towel time. If you do not have access to a proper foam roll, you can make your own with a towel. Take a big bath towel and fold it into thirds. Then roll the towel so it forms a small bolster. Place a pillow on the floor to support your head and the rolled towel perpendicular to it. Then lie down so that the head is supported and the towel sits between your shoulder blades. Breath deeply. It feels amazing! Hold this position for 5 minutes. Repeat! and know that you are doing your back wonders! Thanks Jenny for reminding me of this! If you have any muscular tension issues Jenny is a super knowledgable Advanced Clinical & Restorative Massage therapist in Godalming town centre.