Extra-curricular activities are brilliant for children in lots of ways. They provide an opportunity for youngsters to make new friends, build new skills, and generally just have some fun. Another great benefit of extra-curricular activities as that they can help a child with their university applications because it proves they are able to commit themselves to a hobby. I have teamed up with a private girls’ school to share some more of the benefits of extra-curricular activities. 

Boosts Skills

Whether its arts and crafts, drama, sport, music, or any number of other types of extra-curricular activities, they help children learn a variety of important transferrable skills, from teamwork and good communication to resilience and commitment. The skills developed by pursuing a hobby will benefit your child at school and in other areas of life, preparing them for a successful adulthood. 

Enhances Time Management

One of the skills developed through having a hobby is time management. Children who pursue an extra-curricular activity have to juggle their schoolwork as well as their hobby, and other personal pursuits, which allows them to practising managing their time more efficiently. This is a great skill that will benefit them well into adulthood. 

Increases Confidence

When children develop various skills, their confidence also improves. This is because they are able to believe in their abilities and feel more comfortable trying new things. A boost in confidence will help them achieve their goals, both academic and otherwise. For instance, it may help them feel more comfortable raising their hand in class and engaging in discussions. 

Builds Friendships

Hobbies are a chance for children to meet likeminded people whom they can form lifelong friendships with. This will help them feel more comfortable in social situations and further heighten their confidence.