I was reading about a radio station manager named Rich Meyer who had started a company called Mediabase in Chicago. His company was interested in understanding what made a particular song popular. They noticed that even songs that people said they disliked, listeners would wind up listening to all the same. What would that be? So one night Rich started listening to all of the songs that listeners claimed to dislike but secretly kept on, and he noticed a pattern. While each of the songs sounded different, what they did have in common was that they all sounded like a ‘typical’ song from that particular genre. In other words they all had a degree of familiarity to the listener. So that got me thinking, maybe this could be applied to healthy eating?! For example organ meats are meant to be some of the most nutrient dense and nourishing foods and yet I still can’t bring myself to buy liver or kidneys. I have no clue how to cook them and I’m afraid it would just taste awful. So maybe instead I should be masquerading my liver in oh say a meat pie? a casserole? a desert? Well I’m not sure if that’s the best idea but I’m sure there is some way for me to incorporate this health food into my diet. Hmmm might need to get creative on that one!