I’m not sure where I heard this quote but I repeat it to myself whenever I feel like wimping out on doing something. I even catch myself getting lazy with things I love that take effort, like riding my horse. Finn is 33 now so everyday is a bonus. I don’t want to miss any time with her, the work or the fun. Now, talk about mental fortitude, have you heard of Courtney Dauwalter? Here’s someone who does not quit! She’s amazing! She won the MOAB 240 which is an ultra-marathon cross country race covering 238 miles in Utah. The most incredible part is that she did it in under 58 hours and was hours ahead of her closest competitor. You’d think that she would have some super strict diet, but she says she eats nachos and beer. Oh wow! Wait, it gets crazier! She only slept for a total of 21 minutes the entire race. She was hallucinating for several parts of the race. Even stranger is the fact that her 21 minutes of sleep was divided up into two naps: one 20 minutes long and another that was 1 minute long. She says that the 1 minute nap was the best sleep she has ever had. She said that she was dreaming and in the deepest sleep and when she awoke she thought she had been asleep for way longer. She also was more refreshed than she had ever been. How does that work?!? I cannot even imagine the mental fortitude it takes to complete a marathon yet alone do what she did. She said the the race goes in waves of pain and feeling like you can just keep running. I guess that is a good lesson, even in that extreme of a situation, the bad feeling pass. Here is the podcast where Joe Rogan interviews Courtney Daualter.