It’s rather crazy that we even need to have “Nutritional Facts” on food packaging. Nutritional labelling is very new in the grand scheme of things. In Canada, it has only been since 2003 that we have had standardised labelling and it has only been mandatory since 2005.
The first crazy thing is that we eat food that comes in packages. And the second crazy idea is that these labels are very informative. It is a great way to learn english-french food translations in Canada I know that! But what else?!
I was listening to Dave Asprey in a talk he did called “Macronutrients, micronutrients, antinutrients, and the Bulletproof Diet”. He says that the irony is that by knowing the quantity protein in a food, it really tells you nothing of the quality of that protein. Say for example you were trying a high protein diet, you could be eating a lot of damaged protein or proteins that create more food cravings if you just went by food labels. Then he also talks about anti-nutrients. Imagine seeing anti-nutrients on a label! I don’t think we will see that anytime soon. But according to Dave these are in foods we commonly eat and can have a big affect on everything from your mood to your cravings. Too bad I couldn’t travel back to a time when eating was simpler!
You can check out Dave Asprey’s video.