I thought this was such a good idea! A Happiness Health Checklist. A physician asked a question to Dr. Gabor Mate during one of his talks and pointed out that she has so many required physical tests to run when assessing a patient, but there is no screening tool to help assess risk for addiction or other self-destructive behaviours. That’s true. When was the last time my doctor asked me about that?! Dr. Mate really emphasises that the mind and body cannot be looked at separately. He did say that we can use an ACE score to assess this though. I did try my ACE test but I didn’t find it very involved. Perhaps it assesses the risk for addiction well, but it still seems to me that there could be a more in-depth test for happiness. The next book on my reading list is ‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts’ by Gabor Mate. I’ve just finished Mo Gawdat’s ‘Solve for Happy’ so this seems like an appropriate transition!
This is a super amazing talk on the nature of addition
You can take your ACE score here: