The summer holidays are fast approaching! And while you may already have plans in place, like a trip abroad or a series of activities to keep your child entertained, then there could be some quick things you could consider closer to home. Here are some things you could do as recommended by this private school in London.

Take advantage of activity days at local museums

A lot of museums and exhibitions take advantage of the summer break in providing activities for your child to explore. They usually have a number of games or a treasure hunt for children to take part in, a little market for parents, and a play area for children to have fun in. A fun day to be had all around – there’s plenty of educational takeaways from these activity days.

Visit the beach

Probably on a lot of people’s list of plans, the beach is filled with many wonders for a child to explore. Ask them to pick up shells and look at the pebbles they may spot in the sea and see what they like about them. If you’re heading to particular beaches across the coast you may be able to spot fossils – something that can become a much more educational experience for kids.

For those unpredictable days, have a set of films ready

With the British weather, heavy rain and bad weather can tamper with your plans. For these days, or even for the days your child just wants to chill in the home, have a set of their favourite films ready with some snacks and drinks to keep them entertained and happy.

Take them swimming

An outdoor swimming pool will be a fun time for kids to try out in between any other fun activities and holidays you may have planned. Alternatively, you can look at a water park instead and let them have heaps of fun at their own pace.

Get creative!

And of course, if you’re stuck inside there’s always the option to get creative! The most basic of materials can turn into loads of fun. Pencil, paper and a bit of inspiration and you’re set!