One of my professors from design school said this during a lecture, “Your head is a terrible place for ideas”. At first it struck me as the oddest concept. But after a while I understood more what he meant. He kept telling us to write, sketch, brainstorm… do whatever to get the ideas out of your head. And actually this oddly does really help. Use a journal! Use it a lot! Design school was great for getting me into some really good habits, like using my sketchbook more and journalling. I had never written in a journal consistently until then (well no counting when I was 10 and wrote a diary). Now I have so many journals I can barely keep track of them. It really does help to give me some head space. I was listening to a podcast on Impact Theory with Jesse Itzler and he says he writes everything in one journal. It gets things out of his head and allows him to move on with work. The mere act of putting things on paper, is very freeing and energising. I agree. If you’d like a bit more inspiration you can have a listen to: How to Stop Being Realistic and Shoot for the Moon, Jesse Itzler and Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory