My friend Rose sent me the book “Solve for Happy“. Thanks Rose! At the start of the book, Mo Gawdat makes one of the best observations. It took me a bit to wrap my head around this idea. It’s so simple. He says happiness is our default state. Huh? We are born happy. Before we are self-aware, as long as our basic needs are met, we are happy. It’s true! This is such good news. Because it means again it’s just thinking that makes us unhappy. This is the proof! And as an engineer I love a proof! Maybe I have more of an engineering mind then I originally thought. The other good thing is there’s really nothing that I need to add in order to be happy. In fact all I need to do is subtract suffering. Simple maths.
There is so much more to this book and I highly recommend it. I will be doing a book review on my website so I will add a link to that soon.
In the meantime, you can also learn more on Mo’s website about his journey to Happy.