Believe it or not, doodling is important for children for many reasons. It might not seem like a particularly useful way for them to spend their time, but it actually serves a purpose. Read on for more information from an independent school in London.

Improves Cognitive Skills

Doodling is an art form that can sharpen one’s memory and enhance imaginary development. It’s a chance for children to express their creative energy and essentially give their brain a little workout. It helps them retain information, stay focussed, and grasp new concepts. With that said, encouraging your child to doodle while having an important conversation with them might actually help them absorb and remember the information to a greater degree. 

Supports Mental Health

Another important reason why you should encourage your child to doodle is that it supports their mental wellbeing. This is because it is relaxing and fun, with no specific rules. They can make their own decisions about what shapes and colours to use, and their thoughts and actions naturally flow from one to another. It also allows them to express their emotions on some level, rather than keeping things bottled up. Essentially, doodling is a stress and boredom buster!

Screen Free

Lots of parents are looking for ways to get their children to spend less time on their digital devices and more time being creative or academic. Doodling is one great idea to reduce your child’s screen time, so be sure to bring out the paper, crayons, and pens from time to time. 

Boosts Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are important for a range of daily tasks, like writing, typing, getting dress, eating etc. With that said, parents should try and find ways for children to practise using these skills so that they can improve. Doodling is one great option because it strengthens the smaller muscles in the hands, wrists and fingers, which will help them perform lots of other activities going forward.