Have you ever wondered why you feel so much better after exercising? There is more to it than just the physical benefits it has on your body, it also has some profound effects on your brain. As I’ve learned from Dr. Rhonda Patrick, exercise increases the production of serotonin by getting tryptophan into your brain. If you do not exercise, then branch chain amino acid levels are higher in your brain and these out compete the tryptophan. When you exercise, these branch chain amino acids are instead used in your muscles making tryptophan more available in your brain and tryptophan is the pre-cursor to serotonin. Increased serotonin levels not only make you feel good, but they also you make endorphins and you increase the creation of new neurons in your brain. Neurogenesis staves off brain ageing. So exercise not only makes you physically look young, your brain will also remain young. If your muscles atrophy, your brain also atrophies. Time for me to hit the gym! For more on this see this talk with Dr. Rhonda Patrick https://youtu.be/RQQBQ3s3SHc