Here’s a NEW colouring tutorial for everyone who wants to learn to blend and layer colours. Fun stuff!

I’m using my Faber-Castell Polychromos for this tutorial because of their superior pigment and blending ability. I just LOVE these pencils! You don’t need to use these but they do make colouring a total pleasure. It also effects how my colouring turns out and how I work.

Here I use a PDF from my colouring book Veronica’s Garden. It is an image of Veronica’s cat Smudge (the famous Top Cat whom many of you will know) as he naps atop of the moon. Where else?!

I show you how I create movement in the sky. It’s about having fun playing with the pigments. Use your own taste to guide you. You can colour along with me in real time and hear my thought process then apply this in your own way.

The colours I use are Faber-Castell Polychromos:

Blue violet 137

Purple Violet 136

Cobalt Blue 143

Cool Grey III 232

Cool Grey I 230

Scarlet Red 118

Grab the FREE PDF download here.

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Happy Colouring!