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Can colouring a magic ‘Room-a-rific’ colouring page help you think more creatively?

YES! Here’s how…


This week let’s get creative and focus on TRANSFORMATION

There are all kinds ways to use the concept of transformation artistically to help you think more creatively.
What do I mean by transformation? In this art class I did with the kids at Cartoon Club we imagined that we had a wand and transformed our room with magic.
I find it really hard to start with a blank page and just draw something fun, so instead sometimes I give myself a job. In this case to transform the ordinary, into something more fun and interesting. It gives me a starting point, which takes the pressure off staring at a blank page. It spirals outwards too – as I come up with one idea, it leads to the next more creative idea.
Here I started with me, my wand and of course a talking cat (yes it’s Smudge and naturally he is incensed because naturally a cat can talk!). He needed to talk to someone, so why not the other pieces on my monopoly board (remember the chess board from Harry Potter?!). Look at Dulcie’s drawing; with a “Zap” her bed is floating, her cat is talking and her lamp has been transformed into a disco ball. Fun! 

You can grab this FREE colouring page from my website link below. Start by playing with different colours to transform the images into something more fun or have a go at doodling your own magic ‘Room-a-rific’ colouring page.
Check out my Cartoon Club online art classes for kids to join our fun, creative group of children who love to doodle. Ready… Let’s get creative!
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