wolf cartoon

Reason #2 to do more Doodling – To slow down

Do you feel like things are going too fast?! I have had that feeling the past week and I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed by it. In my online art classes with the children we were drawing wolves. Wolves are a tough subject – some of my students were struggling to draw them, and so was I for that matter.

In my daily life I do a lot of drawing, but I don’t do enough doodling. So it got me thinking, perhaps I could doodling help me explore wolves? It turns out YES, but the real benefit I discovered was in relaxing my mind. The best reason to doodle is …


As I mentioned, I draw a lot! It’s a necessity as I teach eight online art classes each week to adults and children. In fact my Cartoon Club for Kids is quite a challenging class. I always want to deliver a great and inspiring class and so I feel the pressure to draw something really creative and high quality every time.

This week I found myself speeding up, sketching, drawing and moving too fast. I wasn’t feeling in my flow and I wasn’t producing the feeling I wanted in my work. Worst of all, I worry that I start to rush students through the cartoon narrative we create. Not the idea!

So I decided that I needed to switch this up and take some of my own advice. Time to SLOW DOWN. I’d bought myself a new blank journal to do some doodling and work on my Doodle Break platform. In the evenings I have started to do some SLOW doodles before bed. This week I tried it out with the wolves.

wolf cartoon
wolf cartoon

Normally, I sketch with pencil then draw when I’m doing characters like this. But I wondered what would happen if I just tried doodling them? They are complicated to draw right?! They need an outline and a plan right? Maybe not…

I SLOWED DOWN, just me and my pen, no plan and doodled. My wolf doodles were perhaps not stellar to begin with, but soon enough I was doodling quite nice, chilled, cartoon wolves and enjoying it! Why’s this?

When I only have a pen (no rubber, no pencil) I SLOW DOWN. I watch the line. I am focued and my mind SLOWS DOWN. It feels great. It’s a different experience to how I normally sketch and draw. I think that both have their place, but when I’m not producing what I think I can, it seems that SLOWING DOWN and just doodling is a major help!

I had a laugh when I looked back at my doodles and my favourite one was of this wolf chillin’ with his coffee. What was my mind needing? Clearly I needed to SLOW DOWN. Thank you Pen!

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