At the start of the book Solve for Happy, Mo Gawdat makes one of the best suggestions. He says to write yourself what he calls a Happy List. His point, and I found this myself what I wrote my own list, is that we tend to think of happiness as something really big, difficult or elusive; you know something that only happens way in the future. What I found to be true is that the things that do make me happy tend to be just the little things, every day things. It’s true that’s where I find my joy. It’s the little things like chatting with my friend Monica, brushing my horse’s tail after I’ve washed it, writing in my journal, drawing cartoons, or getting a card in the post from my mum. It was actually one of the best things about writing a Happy List is what Mo points out – you cultivate happiness by being grateful. So I think that was my first lesson: slow down, take notice and be grateful for the little things. I think this is where journalling comes in and for me also drawing obviously; both work because they make me slowdown, take notice and well with joy digest something. Everything seems better then. Here is more about Solve for Happy.