Have you ever wondered how to choose a colour palette? Do you ever struggle with how to start colouring a new picture?
Here I talk you through the thought process I use to select colours in a fun and experimental way. In this example, I colour a winter scene from one of the cards I’ve illustrated. It’s available as a FREE PDF download from my website so you can colour along at the same time.
The video goes in depth. I’ve designed it so you can put it up and play it at the same time as you work. You won’t necessarily want to choose the same colours as me (that’s not the idea), the tutorial is so that you to hear what I do, the questions I ask myself, how I test, select, and colour a piece so you will be able to do it yourself the next time. 

When you finish your colouring please share your work using #veronciasgarden and #sarahjanevickery

So please get your FREE download, grab your colours and let’s get creative!

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You can also find my new Colouring Book Veronica’s Garden on my website or on Amazon UK