I’m giving myself a creative challenge this week: colouring an image with just four randomly selected pencil crayons – and I must say they were not the easiest colours to work with!


Here I talk you through the thought process I use to work with a limited palette of four, not-so-seemingly-wonderfully co-ordinated colours in a fun and creative way. In this example, I colour a robin from my colouring book Veronica’s Garden. It’s available as a FREE PDF download from my website or link tree so you can colour along at the same time.


You can do this tutorial with different colours than me, in fact it’s probably more fun if you do. You’ll hear how I get started, the questions I ask myself, and how work with through problems so you will be able to do it yourself the next time. When you finish your colouring please share your work using #veronciasgarden and #sarahjanevickery

Colours Used in this tutorial are all Faber-Castell Polychromos:

Helio Blue Reddish, Indatherine Blue, Scarlett Red, Middle Cadmium Red


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You can also find my new Colouring Book Veronica’s Garden on my website or on Amazon UK
Let’s Get Creative!